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The MVP is Dead.
Long Live the MVP.

An MVP is a founder’s most critical asset. Without it, you cannot get real feedback from customers and find that all important product-market fit. Finding product-market fit has never been more important both to founders and their investors. Yet the process to achieving fit via MVP development has never been more broken. While most MVPs claim to be built from scratch, much of the actual functionality and setup cost can be found in most common applications.

BOS is your solution.


“As a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, I can tell you that the number one reason why startups fail is founders who waste their runway building products that people don’t want. I love meeting founders who build with BOS because I know they get to market in less time and with less capital and spend most of their runway getting real feedback from real customers.”

Andrew Goldner | Co-founder | GrowthX

Spend your runway on finding product-market fit.

With BOS, your MVP is built with backend technology and common business functionality that has already been proven to work at-scale. Because of this, your limited runway is focused exclusively on generating the insights that you need to test and validate your market assumptions.

Get something much more than minimally viable.

With BOS, you go to market with a robust, flexible and scalable product that focuses the feedback loop on customer and market value rather than bugs in basic functionality. BOS reduces the cost and complexity of iterating based on that market feedback.

Introducing the First Viable Product

Launch your product fast, quickly iterate based on market feedback, and stay capital efficient for the life of the product. With BOS, you get a product that:

  • Is built on a foundation that has already been proven, tested and is hard at work for other companies.

  • Can grow from 20 to 200 to 2 million users without worrying about your product’s performance and reliability.

  • Reduces long-term maintenance costs and technical debt.


“BOS provides a skilled technical team on a subscription model that lowers costs and accelerates product development. We were iterating on a functional application within 6 weeks and have the flexibility to quickly add features by leveraging a robust framework. The result is a better, faster, cheaper way for emerging companies to go to market.”

Eric Cromwell | Founder and BOS Client

We are your technical team until you hire your own.

With BOS, you can defer your first technical hire until you have the product direction and sustainable revenues to support that critical milestone. When you start with BOS you get much more than a product, an invoice and well-wishes.

We call it the Build-Operate-Transfer model.


BOS assigns a dedicated development team that works for your success with the same passion and commitment to your business as an in-house team. The BOS support team includes a product owner, project manager, architect, UI/UX and DevOps.


Your dedicated development team works with you to iterate on your product features and functionality as you gather feedback from the market. The BOS support team helps you strategize and prioritize your product development to maximize the positive impact on your business.


You decide when you are ready to transfer product development to an internal team based on your business needs. BOS delivers clean, high-quality code and supports the transfer of that code with documentation and training.


“Utilizing BOS for software delivery is like running in a 100 meter race where you get to start from the 80 meter mark.”

Damon Tindall, Partner | Ideation Holdings

Drastically reduce your upfront costs.

We know how hard it is to raise outside capital without a product and customer revenue. Our subscription model reduces your upfront costs, so that you can launch your application without raising outside capital.

Go to market quickly.

Your startup’s success is directly related to identifying and solving a market need. Getting your product into the hands of potential customers, has never been more important. With BOS you can launch a robust, flexible MVP in weeks at a fraction of the cost.